Crochet Extensions


These services includes all your natural hair being braided and is a great protective style.
You will need 3 bundles of hair depending on your desired fullness.


Healthy hair starts with a healthy foundation at your scalp. Your hair needs to be shampooed and conditioned before getting a protective style like crochet braids. Please add braid prep if you would like me to prep your hair otherwise please arrive with your hair shampooed and blowdried. This style will allow me to braid all of your natural hair and then crochet in the desired hair of your choice.

Additional information

Feed In Braids

You will need 2 bags of pre-stretched braiding hair in your desired length. This style consists of hair being added to your natural hair and being braided into 2 or 3 braids.

Crochet Braids/Twist/Loose

This style consists of all of your hair being braided and then adding crochet braids to your braided hair.