Kids Basic Braids


These services includes all your natural hair being braided and is a great protective style.
You will need 3 bundles of hair depending on your desired fullness.
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Healthy hair starts with a healthy foundation at your scalp.  All services include a relaxing shampoo and conditioner.  This style also includes braids for your little one and can include ponytails, on the scalp braids, and or 2 strand twists on or off the scalp.


Additional information

Feed In Braids

You will need 2 bags of pre-stretched braiding hair in your desired length. This style consists of hair being added to your natural hair and being braided into 2 or 3 braids.

Crochet Braids/Twist/Loose

This style consists of all of your hair being braided and then adding crochet braids to your braided hair.